Relax On Our Outdoor Patio With Housemade Sangria!

Join us for a fantastic Sangria. Take your pick!

Berry- Brandy, Cabernet, Black Raspberry
Liqueur, Dry Vermouth, Strawberries,
Raspberries, Blueberries, Green Apple
Strawberry Mint– House Strawberry Infused
Twisted Path Rum, Moscato, Strawberry Puree,
Fresh Mint
Peach– Deep Eddy Peach Vodka, Peach Schnapps,
Moscato, Orange, Lemon
Lemon– House Infused Lemon Honey Vodka,
Moscato, Lemon
Pomegranate– Gran Gala Orange Liqueur,
Pomegranate Liqueur, Cabernet, Orange
Blackberry Mango– Brandy, Black Raspberry
Liqueur, Rosé, Mango Simple Syrup, Fresh
Mango, Blackberry, Lemon
Sangria Flights – 15
Have It Your Way
Your Choice Of Three

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Homemade Sangrias Meet Big Reception. Signature Drink Possibilities!

Here they are:

Homemade Sangrias 9.5

Berry- Brandy, Wente Cabernet, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Green Apple

Strawberry Mint- House Strawberry Infused Twisted Path Rum, Fresh Mint

Peach- Birddog Peach Whiskey, Orange, Lemon, Moscato

Lemon- Rehorst Lemon Honey Vodka,Fresh Lemon, Moscato

Green Tea- House Infused Greed Tea Vodka, Honey, Orange Zest, Mint, Sauv Blanc.

Pomegrantate- Orange Vodka, Pomegranate Liquor, Wente Cabernet, Orange Peel
Rosemary infused Vodka

Sangria Flights – 15
Have It Your Way
Your Choice Of Three

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New Summer Core Menu Debuts At Parkside 23! Enjoy! But Don’t Forget Our Seasonal Menu!

CREAMED CORN Leeks, roasted poblano pepper, bacon GF 8.5
CAESAR SALAD Romaine, cherry tomatoes, parmesan flatbread* 9
PORK FRIES Zesty barbeque pulled pork, Wisconsin beer cheese, poblano peppers, bacon GF 9
ROASTED BEETS Scarlet and gold, Wisconsin goat cheese, maple-glazed walnuts, apple cider vinaigrette GF 10
WOODSTONE ROASTED SHRIMP Sarvecchio parmesan, farm fresh herb butter* 11
CAPRESE FLATBREAD Fresh mozzarella, oven-dried romas, basil pesto 11
MACARONI & CHEESE 4 Wisconsin cheeses, cheddar-panko crusted 12
ROASTED TOMATO RISOTTO Buratta cheese, fresh basil, truffle balsamic glaze GF 12.5
ITALIAN FLATBREAD Usinger’s pepperoni, sausage, fresh mozzarella, oven roasted onion and pepper 13
BURGER WITH CHEESE Butter-top bun, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato* 13
ROASTED STUFFED BELL PEPPER Farm fresh vegetables, creamy parmesan risotto, tomato sauce GF 13
SHEPHERD’S PIE Flaky pie crust, beef and stewed vegetables, mashed potatoes, Wisconsin cheddar 13
BUTTER BAKED CHICKEN Mashed potatoes, farm vegetables, house gravy, corn bread muffin
1/4- Dark 9.5
1/4- White 13.5

COBB SALAD Mixed greens, rotisserie chicken breast, bacon, bleu cheese, avocado, farm vegetables GF 14.5
FRIED AMISH CHICKEN BREAST Mashed potatoes, sautéed greens & bacon 15
BBQ MANGO FLATBREAD BBQ, pulled chicken, mango, queso fresco, cilantro 15
BRAISED SHORT RIB SANDWICH Butter-top bun, fresh arugula, tomato, horseradish cream 15
MEATLOAF Seasoned tenderloin, mashed potatoes, farm vegetables, tomato sauce and bacon 15
POT PIE Woodstone rotisserie chicken, sautéed vegetables, glazed puff pastry, side of greens 15
CORDON BLEU SANDWICH Fried chicken breast, pretzel bun, Swiss mornay, mustard, bib lettuce 16
BERRY SALAD Mixed greens, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, feta, almonds, red wine poppy seed vinaigrette GF 16
BEER BATTERED COD Caper tartar sauce, creamy coleslaw, side 17

CEDAR-PLANKED SALMON Citrus butter, russet potato-parsnip hash, asparagus, balsamic glaze* GF 19
PRETZEL CRUSTED VEAL Black pepper spaetzle, sautéed asparagus, wild mushrooms, caper pan sauce 19
BRAISED SHORT RIB Mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots, Diane sauce GF 19
PORK & QUESO PUPUSA Sautéed shrimp, cabbage slaw, tomato salsa, refried black beans, cilantro 20
SEARED DUCK Baked Brie, caramelized onion honey puff pastry, Frisee lettuce, blackberry jam 23
SEARED SCALLOPS Smokey red pepper risotto, balsamic glazed asparagus, caramelized onion beurre blanc 25
LAMB OSSO BUCCO Wild mushroom ravioli, sautéed asparagus, arugula, lamb reduction sauce, parmesan cheese 32
6OZ FILET MIGNON Pan fried potatoes, onions, mushrooms, sautéed broccolini, red pepper hollandaise 35

PS23 SALAD Mixed greens, farm vegetables, flatbread 5
BEER BRAISED BEANS Bacon, onion, Modelo beer 5

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